Chou trees

[REVIEW]; this Yingzhou, that is not surrounded by the sea, smoky mountains Whitsundays, but Hunan Qidong Buyun Town Hall Tree Village Yingzhou.It is backed by a mountain shaped like a lion lying, two things Biqing small rivers converge swing in front of the village, and then flow to the south lengthy, constitutes a beautiful view of the mountains.  Spare nothing, even read Li Bai, “Yin Tian Mu sleepwalking do to stay,” drink in “Haike Yingzhou talk, smoke Tao Wei Mang letter hard to find” magical realm, can not help but think of the absence twenty-five carrier Yingzhou.This Yingzhou, not that surrounded by the sea, smoky mountains Whitsundays, but Hunan Qidong Buyun Town Hall Tree Village Yingzhou.It is backed by a mountain shaped like a lion lying, two things Biqing small rivers converge swing in front of the village, and then flow to the south lengthy, constitutes a beautiful view of the mountains.A sunny winter afternoon, my lofty sprout, revisit Yingzhou.Piece marching winding stone path, I walked to the village, a picture slowly unfold.Most of those original adobe old house Yingzhou been replaced by two three concrete buildings, turned into the cable puts up every household, it sprang from a simple village on the west side of the road, joining step Shao highway.Ancient Yingzhou been frank open up to people, getting out of the occlusion.Central tree trees village locals are called “sand assassination child” has “disappeared”.The villagers said that a few years ago, “sand assassination child” because of old age power failure and “end”.Drop dead tree branches, now empty the remaining dry torso, but who do not have the heart to cut it.Later, in a winter night, a group of naughty children hit by trees burned.Tree “sand assassination child” is a deciduous broad-leaved trees, up to twenty meters, the tree itself can only have three or four large men holding hands surrounded the crown like a gigantic umbrella parted.Spring tired swing, scorching sun, the old tree to life by the strong recovery.It leafy, shade cover prescription can gather three or four hundred people, people enjoy the cool air, a good place to chat.Perching of birds twitter, to add a dash of lively village with joy.Disabled autumn chill, golden leaves with autumn wind blows away from the old tree branches, spinning round and round children, and then slowly Yau Yau slow ground floor off the ground.This is what people are planting trees, geometric high life, have no way of knowing.Therefore, for many years, people thought the Church of trees into the sky by its place names.In fact, this name due to the southern end of the village temple after growing on giant dwarf Pei Jing.Standing next to the dwarf Pei Temple, after years of looking up at the giant sculpture Jing: tall thick trunk back into soap trough, north wind and rain have been hollow, north of the existing two large branches had disappeared.Early that rich greenery, majestic has gone thriving.This giant Jing Qing Dynasty Qiyang County, said sassafras, is off the industry shrubs, trees can not become.It may even grow so thick on Yingzhou this wonderful land, so tall.It’s really, this tree should be Yingzhou there, he can have a few back at the view!Yuan Yuan emperor seven years, Zeng brothers have moved here from the Gan, in Chou Ju Jing shrine built next to and named the Church of trees.Over time, people put to Chou as the center, radius of a few trees in the place called Church.Two trees, the calendar stormy vicissitudes of life, by dynasties can be said that Chou witness, the Church and the whole tree change.Now “sand assassination child” tree had “passed away”, the only giant naked body in front of Jing damaging proudly shook themselves in the setting sun in the north wind, as if a young black eagle on the marble columns, resolute, strong and persistent!(Editor: gardenia open)

Snow Pictures

Outside, a lot brighter than usual, which due to snow shine.Snow bright, but always sweep the haze, Mino Weng it as fluorescence flight.Undoubtedly, this bright and shiny in all the presentation is so pleasing, it is appropriate flying mood.  Snow, a flower falling silently, like in the word Yu Jian, dipped in warm Spring.  Snow, a flower falling silent, as also the Chinese musical color, a bright warm praise.  If there are no fireworks of shock, fireworks Hyun, and other festive deliberately, he argued, then everything is pure serenity.  The mountains, the snow come again and again to eliminate floating in it, noisy Cha’s, but also eliminate the complex of non-customs.In any case, bit of snow, and merged into the boundless, can reach any soul “unlimited”.  Concealing long, like in a dream wearing light veil hide; numerous of the bulk, like coverage veil dream.Then and Now, it seems that no special limits, they will be together in the same context.If so, miss, have also been found habitat instead of focusing on all the love all with a red line drags.Two flush glow, but interlinked Xinyu, continue to touch the past, or fusion.  Mino Zhu Weng do not need to stick any more wind to the brush, to draw a meandering Xueye.Resist heart into words, any of the birds to sing.Qing Fang Lie cold, it is constantly repeated in the heart of Yukino repeat of scenery.Why pictographic text or text with knowing, text may be missing a lot of the essence.Only the eyes and soul, can multi-level, three-dimensional way, all the feelings that Yukino.  A bamboo forest, covered with snow, are not folded song.Each bamboo rod, begin with the same color of blue and white with graceful.Each bamboo pole, but a reclining of a flute, Joan color of jade, with its snow, and the wind blowing Yi, is the date of the music carry on.In the four fifty paces bamboo outside to view, very much like a grand petals, not to spend, where to come about Fen ray ray covenant it?Snow, still flying, snow touch the leaves, the kind of sound, very delicate, very much like the beautiful princess sweet dream in uniform uniform breathing.Requiring undue clear, bamboo above, irregularities of white, such as the bi Nada, which is also when the floating blue cloud, waiting for God’s immortal by driving Teng.  Bare branches no longer bare, clean pure white flowers blooming.Curl, unsteadily, but its somewhat quiet aroma of incense, this is it is not shallow whisper sentences of arms.  This snow, which has since approached the figure it beyond the horizon?  Wind shook the snow started falling.Like the drama in the drawl, soft language in general read white, slanting, suddenly fibrils general tour.It Kun but in the female roles of “babbling” Xue Wu up Toshihaya gentleman, with long sleeves, turn and head move of God.  Yes ah, snow, swirling motion after another, after another Piaozhui, sound good but graceful dancer’s skirt, but the sounds of nature issued.  I think, snow, elves in general, it is clean Vault, the world of dirty washing routine once it!  The lip fairy, Joan tube against Yu Xiao.Fairy Fingers, get the gold and silver chord.If so, snow down, it is oozing Yu Xiao Qiong pipe in the sound, it is the string vibration sound of gold and silver.  This time, I thought of how to suppress it sprout?No word of writing, is not satisfied with the emotion of snow, there are always unexpected instigation, in violation of the established heart rate, Suddenly the “verb,” to bring the energy to penetrate the bone marrow, wonderful performances.This exciting and filled with sparse snow.As a result, I have seen farther than distant; farther distant than that, there are also ballads like the general melody, mouth, sound spring.  Snow, will be sown in spring it?Anyway, snow, every hole gap in its shadow, with endless ideas, scattered in the heart of Mino Weng.Not cold, but with the opposite way passed to Japan’s noise noise, because the snow against the background, because the decoration snow.Chunqing, also like the sun form, to reach all areas can be reached.  Snow, as the sun shines.Its energy, almost all creatures, involuntary return to the true.This is a wonderful read, virtual reality technology, virtual reality technology, which is clarity, even in the dark shade, it can also speculate to close its light.  Hills, trees in general posture flag, Mu, Chilled is no longer the lowest temperature, the evolution of which is the real thawed into a medium.With the conductors, communication heart blood.  I’m from another direction, angles and curved, back to my cottage.A string of laughter through the snow hidden, I stopped step, like standing on one edge of the screen: a pair of young men and women about twenty-year-old, chasing back and forth, round and round screwed into the snow, throwing each other.Obviously, their game, there has been no interruptions.I’m back, trying to avoid, but let them find.  Everything halted.  Lad but Mino Weng capitalists, according to seniority within that call me grandfather of five.Young man working outside home for Spring Festival.That girl is his girlfriend.  Malaysian girl but kind face, Hainan bar!Hainan girl, snow surprised me even more than the local people as the.Moreover, this snow but live, not to mention, this snow even more than the dream of the kind of clean it?”Here the snow, the snow fairy tale come as the United States it?”Mino Weng almost put the snow as Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale snow.At least this girl, pretty, pleasant, she novelty of snow, but also cited stir up her inner expression, but I feel its potential beauty.Although, said she was Snow White, somewhat reluctantly, that is too little girl’s pure, but still a little more wind-induced.In front of me showed constraint.Germinal restraint and modesty that point, the snow had a kind of echo.  Boy and girl for me in the pathless wild Man walking man, somewhat surprised.Girl behind young man, revealing only half of his face.They take a step back, a very respectful expression, the purpose is clear, let me quickly pass.  I do not want to terminate the walk, I knew that I can not describe the place falling snow.Even the snow, there are different exquisite in different terrain, Mino Weng is no alternative!A man, back to the real freedom of your heart, let the mind lead the daily life how good yo!A man, if there is no labor to mental and physical exhaustion confused, how good yo!  A person, not their own.Mino Mino Weng Weng Weng Mino is not, it is a very unfortunate thing ah!If, Mino Weng is a bird branches, snow and sing along with Mino Weng, Mino Weng snow chaos Cong comfortable rabbit, Mino Weng also depending on the nature and life.  Snow, as well as its mettle yet restrained?And its free form, its shape without, it tells me the law of life.I came, my snow record pace, but also whether it Qiongyin my collection?  Snow flower in the countryside I will eventually become precious dilute product, not what I mean it’s not lasting.Darby’s night-blooming cereus, due to its short duration..Alas, rustic wild snow, more and more short, how I despise record snow and snow wild selfless embellishment of it for me?    Mino Weng made on January 22, 2012

In that you love flowers poison

Approaching autumn, cicadas still is night, cold water.  Ziming arms folded, eyes red from crying, staring at me persistent, repeated and overlapping asked me: in the end I did wrong, you keep him away?Are we feeling no match for him for two years and you Fanjia Ju week?  I panic Ruju withdraw from his eyes in his line of sight, because his hands slightly trembling excitement and anger, he has been practicing vigorous and mature man, for the first time, I cried like a child in front of.  I know from wrong, speechless in to.  Fan Jiaju is the company’s new sales consultants, the first time I saw him, I was working at his desk, he walked into the huge office, walked straight up to me, held out his hand at me, said: little love, hello, I new here Fanjia Ju, also after a lot of attention.  I noticed his long fingers and thin white, I am a little dizzy, it did not like the man’s hand, his hand is simply born to play the piano, I can almost see them jumping on the rippling strings scene.  Surrounded by a malicious snicker, I suddenly recovered, embarrassed nod in return.  In the afternoon, the next table Aya mysterious far as to explore: small love, ah well, handsome guy at first sight impressed by you.  What You’re crazy ah?I refute mouth, my heart there is a trace of sweetness across.  He said no, the office so many people, he turned a blind eye Fanjia Ju is like air, only that you love soft spot for Huang, also called little love little love, I really never too nauseating, you did not see Liu Ziming eyes, almost spray I’m angry.  My face burned very hot all of a sudden, this night, even on lost sleep.  For several days, Fan Jiaju have shown exceptionally affectionate to me, he can really confuse people born man, I saw the front desk has always been proud of the full benefits from time to time he cast towards hot eyes, and the third day of work in the Fan Jiaju she is particularly good mood suddenly made the entire sales department, please go to KTV karaoke OK.  Young is pleased to go, everyone is full of purpose are well aware of the benefits, only Fanjia Ju, seems less brought her love, all night, all nest in the soft sofa, fiddling with his cell phone sets NOKIAN72 black.  I suddenly discovered that he and I used turned out to be a couple machines.  I like a guilty conscience to grasp the hands of the mobile phone into the bag.  Full benefits by Jiu Jin, Fan Jiaju sitting and recent position, she was the closer, the more escape Fanjia Ju, until no escape escape, he like as a shock to suddenly stood up, hanging from then passing on the couch one pair of feet, surprised everyone including the child out of the eyes, he picked up the me, I suddenly standing firm, fell into his arms, he seized the opportunity to Louguo me, all of a sudden I was surrounded by people from the Lane picked up and rushed to the door.  Dark and ambiguous corridor, dark red light cast on me and his face, and I heard him breathing eager to see his confused eyes, my heart was aroused high lofty, I do not know what will happen what, but what would happen.Then I was in the vertigo in him into another corridor, this is a dead, no one will come, local sub-Ming and his colleagues also difficult to find.  And then I smell his lips, unbridled hit at me, as if I was into the clouds, soft feet can not touch the ground, his strong hand on care of my waist, fingers slightly touching my breasts, my throat was issued on hoping and indulge moan.  For a long time, he left my lips, his hands still tightly catches hold of me, he seems sad in my ear, seems wronged, seems overbearing Q: Why not look at me all night, that Liu Ziming, fundamental good enough for you.  Fan Jiaju really is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, so I love the little yellow naturally no exception secretly in love with him.  But I never showdown next pair, although he loved me hurt my pet me for nearly two years, his love for me, completely excluding gains and losses, that is not asking for anything, we live in company dormitories, because many people, they are young, so the day was extremely full and fulfilling.  All the people regarded me as a matter of course and Liu Ziming pair in front of him, I am proud of like a Queen, he is willing to do everything he wants to do something for me, to have him around, I do not do the laundry, do not Da Fan, and even bedding, all he single-handedly make arrangements for me.And I, again it all for granted.  If it does not Fanjia Ju, all this seems to be very in line with the development of clean-up continues.  But since that kiss, I fell in love poison the Fan Jiaju.  Since KTV night full benefit of my attitude hundred and eighty degree turn, each time through the front desk, she physically block the punch card machines, or holding a folder fell to the loud noise, everyone watching this show, waiting to see how I end up.  Fan Jiaju seem well aware of all this, yet also seemed to not care.  I went to the front desk copying documents, he was with me and then from behind the ring from my body, my back tightly affixed, copiers rustled, his face on my paste, lightly grind fondle.  I am extremely restless his actions, the full benefits of the folder mountain ring fell behind, all of them stuck his head in surprise, my face brush red, but how hard can not escape his powerful arm.  His face aftershave Adidas taste, I indulge in such a fragrance in defiance of Nosy look around, then reeling intoxicated.  Suddenly, a pair of stronger hands will all of a sudden I Cheguo from the arms of Fan Jiaju.I almost fell down a reel, you look closely, it is the child that angry eyes, his fists clenched, eyes blazing fire, he asked a single word: Fan Jiaju, you and I have any enemies, you I want to rob a woman?  Fan Jiaju calm smile and nodded his head, I grab your woman?Then you ask little love, who she would choose, do not look at you with her for two years, you ask her, she really loved you do?  Ziming rushed me to ask and confirm cast eyes, I was panic escape the.  I hold the child out trembling hands, he said to him: Give me one chance and he explained, okay, believe me, I just need a break, and then everything will return to the past.  Child that looked at me through tears, really, will it, you will not this gone ah?  No, I answered in the affirmative he.

“Seclusion” 50 years of Zhou Enlai family

Prime Minister called for a nephew living in Henan Premier Zhou Enlai three brothers, he has two younger brother, Dadi Zhou Enpu, younger brother Zhou Enshou.Zhou Enlai no descendants, Zhou Enpu have a son called Zhourong Qing, Zhou Enshou have six children.In early 1945, Zhou Enpu arrested by the KMT in Shandong, let’s say the whereabouts of Zhou Enlai, but he did not say always, a few days after the torture Vengeful bid farewell to the dead.Zhou Enlai among loved ones, as well as big sister and younger brother Zhouen Shou Wang Lanfang, the two men are falling seriously injured during the war years, after the founding of new China can not work properly.So, let them early retirement of Zhou Enlai.From the time point of view, if the normal retirement can get 70% to 80% of salary, while the proportion of early retirement is much smaller, so that life becomes an issue.So, Premier Zhou will bear the cost of the two men up.Premier Zhou from his monthly salary of 400 yuan, 100 yuan out to the younger brother, big sister to come up with 50 yuan, in addition, a doctor medication is another money as needed.Such funding, until Zhou Enshou of six children to work, continue to the big sister Lanfang died.At that time, Premier Zhou special account nephew Zhourong Qing: 50 dollars is for you mom, who do not use, you earn their own money.Premier Zhou descendants keep in mind the exhortations, poor housing, and other impoverished life, they have not complained one, no one held out his hand to the organization.And, in accordance with the requirements of the Prime Minister, a nephew Zhourong Qing also came to life in Henan.At that time, Zhourong Qing in Beijing propaganda and cultural volunteer hospital when Officer.After the Korean War, military hospital faced jobs, the state labor training just to promote grass-roots cadres under.Prime Minister on the right nephew, you grass-roots units, do not just government officials, and when the best workers.So in mid-1957, Zhourong Qing jobs assigned to a medical school when Henan propaganda cultural officer, mother Wang Lanfang also came together in Henan.Zhourong Qing Zhou Enlai seven generations in exchange a nephew of the boss.Prior to departure, Premier Zhou specially sent him word: commoner warm, cabbages incense, reading long taste.Nephew encouraged to learn the excellent quality of the working people, to learn scientific and cultural knowledge and work skills.Soon to Henan, Jiaozuo City Zhourong Qing and transferred Jiulishan steel plant, after obey the organization, went to Jiaozuo tire plant, machinery plant and other units working heroes, are no ordinary duties of staff.Jiulishan steel plant in Jiaozuo, Zhourong Qing acquaintance of Jinju Qing.Jinju Qing in Jiaozuo from rural areas, recruitment to the factory thirty-eight steelmaking furnace work.They live about six months, in January 1959 day, several workers suddenly Jinju Qing aside, mysteriously asked her to know who to talk to the object you?Jinju Qing little puzzled, say it is the old Zhou?The workers said that Premier Zhou’s nephew Zhou Rongqing!Jinju Qing stunned, breathless find Zhourong Qing.At that time, Zhourong Qing positive paste bucket carrying slogans in the factory, in the face of questions about face, Zhourong Qing had replied that is true, he is the nephew Zhou Enlai.Jinju Qing very angry and said, Why say that earlier, you lie, I parents are farmers, not too good fit, talk about the!Jinju Qing Having walked away, Zhourong Qing quickly catch up to explain that I am me, uncle is the uncle came to the last two mother Lanfang.Jinju Qing Wang Lanfang patiently to explain: good boy, Zeneng because his uncle was prime minister blew a mile!When we come Jiaozuo, the Prime Minister has repeatedly confessed their own way to go, to do what, not to the relatives of Prime Minister itself Jinju Qing listening to the old man, think again Zhourong Qing past six months, a little can not see that he is Prime Minister’s nephew, is an ordinary worker, never impertinent, nor angry people, Jinju Qing’s heart out.May 10, 1959, 30-year-old and 20-year-old Jinju Qing Zhourong Qing tied the knot.That nephew Zhourong Qing and married a peasant girl, Premier Zhou repeatedly praised the good, say labor glorious home and immediately wrote a letter congratulating.Deng Yingchao also sent a letter with a defense spending towel, a pair of mandarin ducks pillow and a blanket of pure.Prime Minister descendants of warm affection and nine years later, has two children and a woman Jinju Qing first met the beloved Premier Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao mom.It was May 1, 1968, her mother said Wang Lanfang wife Jinju Qing: I think you Seven Bo, seven mom (Note: This ranking is based on the family’s call, Prime Minister Top Seven, Zhou Enpu ranking Skiles, Zhou Enshou ranking XI Zhourong Qing couple said Prime Minister seven primary, called Deng Yingchao seven mom).At that time, they did not buy tickets to sit-law, on the train, Jinju Qing and got a cardboard let her mother sitting in the car at the interface, himself with three young children standing beside her mother, holding a few standing – on the train stayed up day and night only to Beijing.Nanhai Xi Hua Ting, Premier Zhou couple first met niece.Deng Yingchao pulled Jinju Qing hand, said he is Henan people, of us or fellow miles, to see who is better than a higher than tall.Subsequently, Deng Yingchao in turn own shoes off and let Jinju Qing try size, Jinju Qing wear a positive fit, Deng Yingchao said with a smile-law both have fate.Jinju Qing feeling seven mom is so amiable, but she can not think of that time, seven secretly to her mother in the amount of size, ready to take her shoes yet.About 12:00, Zhou Enlai came out from the office, smiling hello, take turns bending over to pick up three children also kissed again, and asked Jinju Qing said: your mother then flows through the blood for the revolution, and you want to Rong she is good to be a little!Lunch on the table, the Prime Minister asked the three children’s names.Jinju Qing said: boss was March 29, 1960 born, just in time you visit India, named Zhou and India; her second child was born December 20, 1962, a girl, was her mother dreamed of Jasmine, named Xiaoli; the youngest was born in mid-1966, your visit to Vietnam, was named for the week.Prime Minister listening to laugh, and said to Deng Yingchao, this name since it very well.Deng Yingchao then said, give the child a change of name it, from largest to smallest so called Zhou Zhiyong, Zhou Zhihong, Zhou Zhijun.Premier Zhou then said well, called the name of it.Since then, the brothers cried out Zhou Zhiyong Deng Yingchao grandmother was the name.Zhou Zhihong name for a while, the family feels there is something wrong, yet still called the Xiaoli.

Farmers off the mark

In the winter, the weather is good the day, the sun will be covered under the plastic lining single, to fall to close a good corn unloaded from the shelf spread, or around half of people around the circle, then the family of the child manmanyouyou Grilled corn kernels stripped.Sometimes stopping by rounded relatives and neighbors, home outbred acquaintance, have helped a free hand, it is quite nice living doing.Every time such things are said, not from the news, I heard some strange wind strange customs and even crooked thing, of course, including some bittersweet romantic ancient classics, but a mention in the past of the past but often shocking to me.The kind of desolate tattered background, the kind everyone livelihood of difficult environment, but full of enthusiasm, spread warmth, kindness everyone the truth.It seems the great life that endured all the pain and still brilliant.Create, perhaps off the mark when.Suddenly I remembered to ask something to learn Nongsang. I remember, in the long seedlings when weeding is the busiest live.Days half will go to the ground and a trip to see the potential and moisture wheat.A small shovel and a large sling before and after March first is that people most commonly seen in the mountains of luggage.People feel bad in seedlings, without any intent to depart early in the morning together into one, like a constant stream of weeding brigade.In the ground, pulling the long grass, short grass cut out, close to the land full Bazhua.There are a lot of weeds, such as strings of Montreal opened branches grass, Root of the Matter to the end of the bone Ziman, gray vegetables also end up fat, bitter herbs lack of rain and less water will not die..The strange thing is, fields of grass is invincible, no matter necessary to the forest, and Barley is fragile, not anti-gone world of the dead.So, then hit pesticides on more, especially when plowing stubble sprinkled with a pot of herbicides, grass roots coming year could not find, you see more save trouble.However, not long grass, the flowers must be open not Come.But things simpler and more human indifference.Now the crops are a lonely Szentendre.The so-called shortcut, it is the shortest way, it will lose some good scenery. Seeding and fertilization is very technical skill, every process must be better.Time those troops and the loss of forage is the most tested.Experienced farmer, a morning can plant an acre of land.While plowing the side of the sower, Otsuchi-based violence sub-sub-starting a pat appearance, turned out to tidy up the grass to the edge ridge.Most cattle foreman will bring their own tea, tired sip for breath harder force.I used to let mule, riding like a walk back in the mountain stream, but it makes a bad ass ride injured, let alone Yamaha Swagger, so it will have no power and prestige of the innocence.A piece of land several times a year to be applied fertilizer, such as base fertilizer and top dressing, but the plant life in the big dessert, fertility timely enough to be durable enough for the job. Wheat summer collection is the heart of even the most action.Then before closing vigor rapeseed, wheat in farmers is the most prestigious artists, full of vitality and create a good harvest.Golden crops that shine ah, wheat and gird pieces together that looks like beauty, ah, take the battlements of the Mongolian gold curtains round ah, I see eyes peering will circle.This month in the major hills full of people, laughter come and go.You have not seen most of the night at the mountain and fallen from house to house lights deafening sound scene, you do not know the infinite charm of the west side of the moon when four o’clock that dignity Quartet.Maybe we do not hurry summer morning to watch the sunrise, hot sun because the earth will burn hot.So, summer is quiet, at least it appears lively only in the morning or in the evening.Dew forward to is closing Mugihito criteria, but also created a duty hard-working people.Received wheat is hard, but dry food is delicious, such as rags cake, flowers Jen steamed bun, crystal sugar, mustard and pickles, as long as the fields you will make your trip to Baoding underestimated world food forest.To Reaper sickle, with the edges on wheat Fusarium grindstone, a forging blacksmith shop front sickle wood, so that in the hands of the farmer like a comb, Accept straw teaser hold coherent bundle.But I tried to get in his left hand, then with a sickle.In addition wheat and gird tie pieces of things I still have not learned.Let me back wheat is the most hard heart, Lamech was awakened dynamic soul, take the battlements like building a new house, like the satisfaction of everyone.This one had a crowd-pleasing is the wave. Play the field!Grind the field!To compile the child straw grasshopper cage!Busy when the weather is the most.Xia Tianshan change, the sun is enough Kulie.So we must see after the evening news weather forecast.For grinding things, if set, first make sure the manpower, the village folks or traditional solidarity, will still be responsive.Cooking things enough trouble, not that three or four people around the stove turn, this large meal can call people worry about dead.Between sky roe, close to the helper who first began to spread the wheat.They circle around the shoulders like wheat straw hats ride on, push a little look at the whole Bo Hou, until the sun probe, we hit full swing grind slightly!Small four-wheel drag reel with popcorn-like stone turn bold, tank of boiling water vapor can be cooked eggs to, ah turn, turn grain roll, straw reflection in 20 minutes to turn the field, forty minutes clear of grass, one hour rejection of food.Playing field tool called chain armor, blue striped tie raft, cooked leather tied into closed, put into a wooden shaft insert ten feet in half a foot lever, throw off the arm waving big circle, wheat pops looks like splinters Bouncers.Pick the grass is fork, there are corners of Mucha, the three pointed Tiecha, mountain grass straighten out four or five people on the same block as bread.We save a year of firewood collection, autumn and winter are used for cooking and point kang.Winnowing and dustpan to use wooden shovel, wooden shovel lift of the wind through the grass, dustpan toss Jinqiao appear.This day is one of the most tired, tired to even dream of not disturbing the sleep.North River water is very clear in front of the former, summer jump in to swim even the gods are dreaming ah. Autumn accept some ground corn cabbage carrots.Corn is the bread of God, is homemade cabbage, carrots and small economies.One after another with a shovel cut cabbage, carrot stick use square cross head shaver.The corn ground when frost almost down.Smoke shrouded in rivers, the tell is smoke or vapor.Because the shorter days and longer, I just want to teach about dinner I cooked a pot.But you can not delay farm work.Full snakeskin one bulging body scattered in the edge of a farm, a car a car still waiting for transport to go home.Shelf car, this is a good helper for farmers, just like hand and foot.There are endless things throughout the year to pull running back and forth.The work was done is a matter of eight or nine at night, Deng Yu candle, enough to eat during the day considered to fulfill the dream of it. The hands of the farmer belongings golden sun silver month, can nurture the earth.I was a farmer off the mark, agronomic half-baked, filled scholar had to keep up appearances, but waiting laughable.Haha, disarmament, demobilization and Kaerida come home again, fear is Nongsang three thousand become empty.Do anything, remember wandering glass of wine. Beautiful, here are thoughtful.20131201 DQwingwong

Mysterious patterns

Liang inexperienced when, in the county a good treatment company, soon to be arranged into almost the hottest company in the sector Organizations Section.Organizations Section, equivalent to the current HR it, pieces of pipe thing as people worried, promotion, transfer, promotion, salary master is Yangke Zhang Liang Organizations Section of the company, it is kind of a long who organized the family business almost without reservation, the hand and teach Liang.Yangke Zhang said the maximum sentence is: young man, good work, I am old, jumping tap a few days, you are the future of the world to have such a respectable predecessors, Liang can not find any work harder grounds.    One night, when he was cleaning after overtime, the table in Yangke Zhang found a list, see the handwriting is Yangke Chang wrote, oddly enough, after all the names, without exception, drawing on the pattern.    Liang looked carefully design two types, one is to draw a circle inside a triangle, the other is a triangle which drew a circle and, without any comment on the list.    This pattern is what this means?This is definitely not bored Yangke Zhang painted play, Liang brains have not thought out what they were.    The next day, Liang ask Master: Your name painted pattern behind what it means?    Yangke Chang Oh sigh, said: those are hand painted, no meaning.After that, he sullenly added: By the way, after you try not to shuffle my things!    It was the first time with a straight face and Yangke Zhang Liang speak, Liang felt a bit odd, marked with the pattern of the list, a pile on the pressure in the information below, he is nothing more than the way it glances.Yangke Zhang’s such a manner, but also inadvertently revealed a message, and that is this little pattern there are big secret!Liang this man strong curiosity, decided to start working code-breaking pattern, of course, everything is done quietly.    Circle, triangle triangle, circle during that time, the two geometries are always wandering mind Liang, also smoke a lot of questions: Why Yangke Chang to be kept confidential?What does that mean two patterns that represent it?    Unfortunately, the Yangke Zhang Liang to take advantage of the occasion to go out, then go to that list, we found that how could not find the.Fortunately, remember the pattern in which six people on the list of names and next, so he classified according to pattern, circle go inside a class, a class of normalization triangle inside, hoping to find clues.    The six men are the company’s employees belong to different sectors, though not familiar with them, but here are Liang staff roster to be investigated.Among them, there are two people inside the triangle, circle four people in it.He called him a headache that six men are men and women, middle-aged, young people, there are local, there’s the field, in addition to all higher animals, but can not find any common ground.    That day, Liang was staring at those six names in a daze, behind someone suddenly shot him: Hey, wondering who it!Liang covered with a shiver, a look back, a colleague and friend Zhang Gang, such as Liang recovered, when want to cover your share of the list of late, is Zhang just take a look at the positive, he asked very sensitive : why write the name?These objects are promoted ah?    Freeze rumors, no, I do calligraphy, just copy a few names.Liang Jizhongshengzhi lied, Zhang Gang, has a look of disdain and said: Look at you, just do not put me as a brother, rest assured, I assure tight-lipped, came to wrestling eating dog feces, okay?He said no, that ROCKETS names are ranked first, and there are also fake?    Liang strange to ask: how the Yang Xiaohua, which sector you know him ah?    Zhang Liang shines so just answer: Yang Xiaohua do not know ah?You too bad, he does what is your Yangke Zhang’s nephew, according to reliable sources, ready to promote from the production line to the company authority to Liang listened, thinking: With this line, the thing should be just fine do.    Yang Xiaohua pattern next to the name, is the circle drew a triangle that six people, among them, a pattern identical with him, as long as the two men found common ground, problem solved.    Called Liang never thought that the two men did not only common, but also about their condition, contrary to almost all.To put it plainly, right, Yang Xiaohua into the company, relies on the relationship Yangke Zhang, another seems to be on the eight children of candidates; Yang Xiaohua is the county county residents, another is a farmer’s son outside the county so intentionally or unintentionally, repeated investigation, Liang failed to find out what they were, were dropped.Later, a second-tier back Yangke Zhang, Liang Company was promoted to Chief of the Section.    Liang This organization really feel the power company chief, a lot of things are very flexible, they can high, may also lower, to see how the operation.    That day, Liang just got home and found Yangke Zhang was sitting in the living room of his home, Liang hurriedly reached out and grabbed his hand and said: the old leadership, long time no see, what brings you gave blowing?Liang said, rushing to the side of love: You see, the old chief does not empty-handed, come around we would be very honored, but also with something to really see things ah!    Liang discovered that, in the corner of the living room and a more than two bottles of Maotai Chinese cigarettes, then you know that this gift of high enough grade friends!    Liang blame Yangke Zhang said: This is your doing, Zhesha apprentice ah?    Yangke Zhang hand again and again, saying: I am nothing goes to the temple, ah, there is a relative of the child, graduating this year did not find work, want to go to the company I enjoyed, CEOs had verbally agreed to, and that time had been you’re off, the child’s head can not get inside the triangle, I entrust to you.By the way, you put the child’s name is written Triangle?Liang suddenly hit a Ji Ling, his mind suddenly, finally uncover the secrets of the year Yangke Zhang painted pattern: the triangle is represented by people, the company is represented by a circle.If he did not guess wrong, draw a circle inside a triangle, to-do people said this thing has been clear, because the triangle has got into a circle; triangle inside a circular motion, to-do people said this thing has hindered because no drilling circle triangle.As for where to hinder the work, certainly in Yangke Zhang Liang think there probably those who had not yet find him accommodation bar?    When Yangke Chang Before leaving, Liang forcibly brought gifts Yangke Zhang returned to him, and also handed him two boxes of good tea.Not for anything else, Liang feelings really do not want to see the fort between he and baker sophisticated break

Red Killer

This rainy rhythm under ten days.Laoqin hang up their coats on the Interpol office outside the hanger, tick tick drops also fall down.Li Yong asked Laoqin at no less than chess.Laoqin said: You do not like me, have a wife at home waiting for you in bed, she would be very pleased to get home early.Li Yong music, and good beam loosen the belt, the belt hung just been good gun on the table, then bent down to take a raincoat open locker.Then the phone rang, it was reported: Lou Lane, a small child to ride a young woman was strangled.Small Lou Lane in the city center.Woman wearing a poncho that fell on both sides of the walls of the alley.The report is a face Hengrou middle-aged man, his wife to pick him up from work passed by.His wife, pale and scared, far from standing under the street light legs tremble.Laoqin write down the man’s identity card number, they agreed to leave the scene.The face of the deceased has been deformed, lost the original pleasing beautiful face.After careful investigation, Li Yong think the deceased was strangled, and concluded that the rope had been strangled.A bike down on the wall, hanging from the handlebars a beautiful handbag.Laoqin unzip with a gloved hand, there are napkins, sanitary napkins, makeup compact, pink notebook and a sheepskin wallet.The purse money, and a lot number.Counted more than a thousand block.The most important thing is to find the identity of the deceased from his wallet.From the photo, this handsome beautiful girl.This is a field still in college girl.Because a good figure, temperament or, a clothing company to recruit her as a model, so walking at night frequented the company dress rehearsal.Although that night ended earlier than in the past, it can still hurt.The girl has a boyfriend, her classmate, a lot of the boys have proved his alibi.This group of boys in the school dormitory drinking, drink half past one p.m. until the end.The boy was drunk and vomited all over the house wine taste, smell odor.Laoqin the next day to find him when he was still in bed not up.Laoqin Interpol showed him his card, he was puzzled.When he exposed the kind of dismissive arrogance look young, old qin said to him: your female classmates Xu Qing dead.Then, looking at him coldly.Laoqin know to see suspects when he does not look kindly.In fact, almost everyone who knew him were afraid to look in his eyes.Big bags under the eyes, small eyes, fiercely absolutely shattered.It seems like everyone into his eye, a rapist is not a murderer.He knew at least his ex-wife did not like his eyes, his chief did not like.The boy listened Laoqin tell him to do a long while did not speak, but his face was calm, do not panic not bluff.At this time, Laoqin had to say it again: about eleven o’clock last night, Xu Qing was strangled in a small alley.I’m not a murderer.The boy said.I know.The boy bent down from the pillow out a box of cigarettes, asked Laoqin pumping pumping.As far as I know, he told Laoqin, there is at least 15 boys had to go out alone with her, I’m just one of them.I do not think a girl does not love you concentrate, you should take a rope to strangle her, because no one in this world love one person.To be honest, I do not only close contact with a heterosexual friend.Mr. Sheriff, you ask me who is the killing I can not guess, because even if all who knew Xu Qing are excluded, she is also very easy to become someone else’s murder objects.why?The boy handed to smoke on the white sand Laoqin point.Because she was a pretty face, the man wants to make love to rape her; and her money, women also spend money to steal her grab her, so she would risk their lives every day, and I often fear for her.I had personally told her I had this worry, she called me nonsense.Small Shen students.Lao Qin said, but we did not find traces of the murder scene of a struggle, and Xu Qing wallet also Modiu, she herself did not suffer any sexual abuse.It is certainly a psychiatric dry.This guy is not interested in money and women.His murder just because he likes to kill.Laoqin asked the boy is not Hunan.He said that.Laoqin did not ask it, say thank you, then back to the police station.Mo Yi Jun Laoqin chief to take the case, he returned with a police academy had just come out of a beautiful girl.While the girl upstairs to get the autopsy report when Laoqin of Moco long laughed: Little Mo Do you want me guilty of corruption?Laoqin do not like this young chief.His lack of life experience, but also a lack of a sense of humor, so I often can not find Laoqin say is true or false.He previously worked as assistant to Laoqin, but never liked him Laoqin.We must identify everyone knew the deceased, in order to find the murderer motive.Moco said long.Not every post has a murder motive!Laoqin categorically say that I was thinking as I look up the case, or I withdraw, you arrange another person.Habit of talking with the chief of such a person subordinate only Laoqin.Laoqin know that such men will never become chief.

Here there is beauty, ingenious and independent (verse twelve)

Moon beauty articles: shadows Muai Han Yan Mo autumn, rain started falling cage Lan Xiu.  Lian Li Yan Yi Mei wind, fluttering into the shadows dancing floor.  Ice soul light Kai lips round fan cover, waterside pavilions beauty shoulder.  First Mirror for makeup on Fei Yi, Zi according Movies jade bone ice pity.  Sin Guang Han lock month qiu quiet starry night, nine meanders Galaxy.  Han Guang locked fairy hate, crushed into Joan rouge wine.  Piano magic hair wrapped in white waterfall, such as poison red pupil enchanting charm.  A piano line eddies of rivers and lakes, changtae surplus order to send Guihong.  Red makeup vast moonlight through the window Xuan, Zhu Ge Bi Qulang Addict.  Green onions York bun Kai dowry, beauty management of red makeup mirror.  Jian Su Si Nong Yi Xuan cut candle with tenderness, slow play Dan memo book exhibition.  Tears discretion Sujiu incense table, pillow and rain Orchids Fengming.  Autumn Joy articles: Chong Hua Yue Teng autumn, the lack of sun and the moon mountains peak level.  Daisy reminders everywhere go wild, cooking wine Chongyang removal must worry.  Autumn autumn wind swept red parasol trees, autumn clouds color shade Indus.  Mayans sycamore autumn, autumn Indus dream flick Break.  Autumn tone sounds plucked from the chock, proudly diffuse eaves mood overflow.  In front leaf sweep Hengzhi fall, autumn rustling rain urgent.  Within earthly earthly earthly people, earthly earthly smile lip.  No earthly roots loose earth, earthly fetters earthly soul.  Dream Shop roll landscape dense, warm wind and rain to pursue a ride.  A furnace burning sandalwood filled, play a song Xiaoxiang Shuiyun.  Zheng tactic split wipe hook bent prop half, geese across the double shore leaves and flowers now.  Flowers line the right chord pull think leaves, geese and even finger points affinities heart.(First sentence: Basic fingering and hand type.The second sentence: Yan left column is “green”: the left-hand by sound, sound and point vibrato.Yan column on the right is the “red flower”: the right hand plucked and modification.The third sentence: right hand drive with the left hand.Fourth sentence: the right hand column near Yan light tone playing situation light, sound away from the heavy Qingnong.)

Miss the moonlight

Lantern Festival evening exceptionally bright bright moonlight softly splashing on my side I lingered on the balcony roof feel very lost and melancholy stare dough moonlight endless thoughts occupy the atrium every festival, children will be sad heart miss family, ah, is not alone beside me on the balcony staring at the night sky distant stars do not know you now, in the end stop endless thoughts flowing tears in the eyes of the mind where thoughts are often covered with beautiful moonlight refracting you look out I see, you’re standing in the moonlight loving me staring Oh, you already quietly waiting at my side I am excited to open arms to embrace the moon happy smile, they bloom in my face ============================== on cloud dream written on February 24, 2013 Lantern Festival

Chu River and Han Street in Wuhan tour felt (like to commend two opposing powers Street)

Once upon a time, when Premier Zhu said a word to inspect Wuhan: a big town it!Although only a joke.In addition to the past but also reflects the backwardness from the side Wuhan.After that, Wuhan good governance, rapid urban construction.May 2010 September 30 morning, the first grand welcoming opposing powers Street, a modern painting of the scroll is gently unfold.Wuhan, breaking away from the past, the glory, the perfect grace opposing powers Street, to get people more determined, Wuhan, central China will definitely see become a leader in the city that day.Here, let us sincerely like to commend two opposing powers Street, it is indeed a world-class waterfront leisure walk street; indeed China’s first world-class Oriental Venice.Wuhan, our homes, our Holy Land, in the middle of the second five must take off Eagle.    Like a perfect first degree Chan Chu River and Han Street is well-deserved for the modern “painting”; well-deserved as “China’s most well-known, world-class cultural and commercial pedestrian street”.Chu River and Han Street is unprecedented positive.Meanwhile, Wuhan new urban cultural center, will be born here.”Cross-strait dim light, bright floor light shadows”.”Ten sails according to the City, lighted night out”.Check it out!Although the Republic of China Han street style as the main building, there is a very fashion elements of modern architecture and European architecture interspersed among them, the full expression of respect for the history and vision for the future.One of the “highlights” of its East Shahu connectivity project is four cross Chu River Bridge.At present, all the way east across the Chu River Bridge main structure has been completed, the upper part of the ongoing “Castle” decoration; Chu in North River Bridge across the main structure is completed, the “shell” shaped decorative steel has been lifting in place; Shahu Chu River bridge across the main road has been completed, the ongoing bridge deck; sand Hunan Chu River bridge across the loop has completed installation of steel box girder.River rafting, recreational shore.The city has become Smart up due to water.Check it out!Night Chu River and Han Street in Wuhan of how colorful is charming charming ah!Concert east of the square that is provided with a large stage Han Street, free performances for the masses.That stage using antique wood construction style, background using the most advanced LED screen.During the holidays, Han Street big stage will be staged Chinese traditional opera art, greatly enriched the cultural life of the amateur masses of Wuhan.That “Qu Yuan Square”, “Zhaojun Square”, “Friends square” (Yu Boya, Zhong Ziqi), “Yaosheng Square” (Li), “Tai Chi square” (Chi Master) five square grace, will Mingyangtianxia.    Chu River and Han Street is located between Wuchang District, Wuhan East Lake and Shahu communication, planning area of about 1.8 square kilometers, will be in accordance with the cultural, tourist, commercial, business, residential five functional planning and design, along the Chu River and Han Street layout of the building, “Han Show” theater, film culture theme park, Wanda Film City, Celebrity Square, public stage, 5 two-star hotels, commercial pedestrian street, Wanda Plaza, high-rise Class a office space, etc..Han Street is full of Republican-style water features and a perfect fusion.Under the sunset, then gently rippling blue waves.Check it out!5 Environmental Chu River rafting boat, just sitting in the bow of a luxury cruise in which you can cross-strait overlooking the magnificent scenery.Green willow shore, a stroll on the gorgeous and elegant style of the Republic of streets, shopping, leisure, tourism, relax, how pleasant.City floating on jade Chu River Han Street, so when you’re sitting on a luxury yacht in the number of 1.001 million, from the beautiful Lake, into the blue waves of the Chu River, is like entering a period of nostalgic historical picture, let the wind Lake intoxicated people, fascinating ancient street.Especially in spring and autumn, when a little chilly night wind to the lake, this feeling, in the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle of the city, is a rare life experience.Or, you can go to enjoy the elegant style of Han Show Theater.Petty also live lakeside hotel and comfortable.In such a gorgeous and elegant space, if only superficial, too regret, therefore, opposing powers Street invite you to stay one night, enjoy a night of River City the night, leaving a lifetime of memories, worthy of the most meaningful enjoyment.    And then praise a fashion degree Chan Chu River and Han Street, here is China’s most well-known, world-class cultural and commercial pedestrian street “.The world’s only in-house movies Cultural Park, is China’s largest film city.World fashion top brands Madame Tussauds, LEGOLAND LEGO world, the London Eye, marine life marine life, Alton Towers Resort, Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo, Hyde Park and the London Dungeon, also contests.Mandarin Bookstore that total business area of over 40,000 square meters, with a total of 30 varieties of kinds, is the country’s book industry Prozac enterprises, will provide you with the beautiful cultural feast.”Scull shake a lake six times” was the Dongsha connectivity project to bring the most intuitive to imagine the people of Wuhan.But when Chu River Han Street has entered people’s vision, we discovered, this waterfront world’s longest pedestrian street, the city not only to achieve the dream of boating, but also let the Wuhan Song painting reproduction prosperous scene.Check it out!Rain, smoke transitory man, the luxury cruise ship is cruising the Chu River, River Arch light LIU Qing smoke, crowded downtown, a modern painting of scroll slowly to show you off.Here, dazzling night view of the Chu River Han Street landscape, with four pavilions River Bridge, Wuhan has become a serious and even then China’s most attractive tourist destination in the city at night.    Has the world’s top film technology is the world’s largest movie theme park, in the middle of the stage show and the audience can interact shift ultra-luxury class “Chinese embroidery” theater, only two major themes of this project to more than 6 billion yuan investment in Wuhan Central Cultural area, not only the whole of China, will also be the world’s cultural tourism.9 morning of January 30, the country’s longest waterfront bustling commercial street Han Street opening.Cui Liu Yingying jade float, and drizzle painting Han Street.When Chu River and Han Street lifted the veil, to show in front of the world, and is just a totally natural ink scroll.Oar sound and light, the number of floral, dotted the charm of River City dream water; rivers and lakes connectivity, Yan Liu painting the bridge, express a “Venice of the East” style; and that merchants convergence, densely set scales, but will continue to write big to Wuhan a new chapter of water Singshih.Construction workers in North Bridge.North Bridge main structure of arched, arched steel structures scattered high and low, made of aluminum alloy, steel and other construction materials to build modern, “eggshell” design and structure of the formal beauty beauty combine to form artistic and landscape changes lighting effects, quite Venetian-style charm opposing powers street, crowds.On the artificial river, film culture indoor theme park, beautiful red Chinese lanterns exhibition theater, the city floating jade Chu River Han Street.Han went to the theater to enjoy the elegant air show.Petty and cozy lakeside hotel stay.Residents and tourists near the water or leisure, or boating on the river, with views over the “cross-strait dim light, bright floor light shadows” of.”Ten sails according to the City, lighted night out”.River rafting, recreational shore.A city because the water gets up Smart.The most dazzling night lights.    Chu River and Han Street, a river, he gets two as inlaid pearl-like lake in the middle of the city; a street, so that the top of the business and culture, with great harmonious fashion show here; a city, because of the river and this Street, on the way to take off the top of the multi-cultural brand.River Street, City, this is the Wuhan Central Cultural District.This waterfront world’s longest pedestrian street, the city not only to achieve the dream of boating, but also let the Wuhan Song painting reproduction prosperous scene.Shahu Bridge opened to traffic, more than 10 minutes away from Shuiguohu to Dazhi Road; opened Han Street, Wuchang more people have leisure and shopping a good place; 2017 Wuhan Central Cultural District is fully completed, it is a world-class culture Vacation destination.Jiangbei every hope, is over 500 years Hanzhengjie situation, which is quietly left the Han River; across Hunan Vision, a stunning debut Chu River and Han Street.Marshes, come and go between, Kyushu thoroughfare of Wuhan, a large but also opened a new Business centuries.Finally, once again sincerely like to commend two opposing powers Street, it is indeed a world-class waterfront leisure walk street; indeed China’s first world-class Oriental Venice.Wuhan, our homes, our Holy Land, in the middle of the second five must take off the rise of the leading city.    Rao peak, Southbridge Rao Haocheng pseudonym (screen name: Success in sight) January 27, 2012 in the town of Si Lake Jiangxia District, next to Jiang Xianan modify bridge.